Episode 2

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8th Apr 2021

Advice You Can Trust - Episode 2 (The Five Big Mistakes Affluent Homeowners Make)

In the second installment of Advice You Can Trust, James addresses some critical mistakes that affluent homeowners are making these days.

As your wealth increases, so does your responsibilities. For those that may own multiple homes, car collections, jewelry, and more, there are countless elements to consider when it comes to insuring their worth.

This is an episode you don't want to miss! So sit back, relax, and enjoy a beneficial conversation on the mistakes you should avoid when it comes to your assets!


00:05 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the episode

01:30 - Why it makes sense for homeowners to do a financial check-up on their homes

02:47 - The five most prevalent mistakes that affluent families are making

04:20 - The most concerning issue when it comes to liability coverage

05:44 - How to know if you're lacking adequate coverage in various areas

07:27 - For those with multiple homes, what should they be considering and avoiding

09:36 - Failing to mention or list trusts and LLC's on their insurance policies

12:35 - For homes with unique architecture or structural elements, what do those homeowners need to consider?

14:40 - Elements to consider when it comes to protecting valuable collections

18:20 - The steps affluent homeowners should be taking now!

20:55 - Final comments

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